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Queen's University Belfast celebrates research excellence

Posted 12th May, 2022

Queen's University Belfast is celebrating research excellence that shapes the world around us. 

Queen's University Belfast. (Marka/Universal Images Group via Getty)

The number one reason Associations choose Belfast for their conferences year on year is due to Belfast's outstanding sectoral strengths in broad and diverse areas such as Life and Health Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing. Our team at ICC Belfast is incredibly fortunate to create the world-class stage where this amazing research is showcased!

We are proud of Queen's University Belfast, one of our two local universities, which provides a range of facilities for research projects each year and holds the position of a global research-intense university in which 99% of the research environment was assessed as world-leading or internationally excellent. (Source: QUB REF 2021 results)  

The university's research culture is enhanced and creates a healthy research environment with numerous policies, processes, and practices which allows the researcher's diverse work to flourish. One of the ways you can see the development of a strong research environment is through the validation of their peers in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise.

Professor Emma Flynn, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Enterprise says:

We are extremely proud of our contribution to REF 2021 and we will celebrate the recognition from our peers of our strengths and successes in the exercise, as well as celebrating the successes of others too. 

Professor Flynn goes on to say: "We believe that REF is a crucial part of this story; but, importantly, there are many things we do in research here at Queen’s which do not form part of our REF submission, yet are essential to our success and the success of our partners and the communities we serve."

In celebration of Research Excellence, let us all celebrate excellence wherever it may be! Celebrate new innovations, risky ideas, and collaborations across different institutions and sectors that don't end up in high-end journals but still make a significant positive difference to people's lives. These have still led the research from failure to ultimate success. 

We look forward to our continued collaboration with academics and professionals completing groundbreaking research that is presented during ICC Belfast hosted conferences, summits and congresses to address the challenges faced by societies of today and tomorrow. 

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