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ICC Belfast Safety and Security

At ICC Belfast, we remain committed to ensuring the safety and security of our team, clients and customers and pride ourselves on the safe delivery of events across our venues.

A range of procedures and checks are carried out to ensure our buildings, equipment, systems, team members and visitors are safe whilst working in our buildings and attending our events. These procedures and plans are monitored and reviewed frequently to ensure they are up to date, accurate and fit for purpose. Our team also complete all necessary risk assessments for each event to ensure due care and consideration is given to each event in our venue.

We have a number of forums and platforms we engage with to ensure we are compliant and adhering to all relevant regulations and standards, and that we are coordinated across the different facets of the event operation. This ensures that as far as is reasonably practical, our events are planned and managed safely. We also engage with and participate in a number of working groups involving venues, council, emergency services and other key stakeholders to ensure we are working to best practice standards in the industry.

Our venues are fitted with CCTV which is monitored and recorded for the safety of team members and visitors.

At our events, we have a team of dedicated and accredited security and stewarding staff who are highly trained and experienced in event security. We also engage event medical staff to provide different levels of medical support and care at our events.

We regularly hold emergency exercises with our teams and contractors. Running exercises allows us to test our building, knowledge and procedures, and to learn from any gaps so that we can consider them and make improvements across our operation where possible.

On entry, customers will be required to produce accreditation and/or identification and may be subject to a bag or personal search by a member of our security team and should be aware that withholding consent to such searches may result in entry being denied. Other verification procedures may be in place for specific events.

We ask both staff and public to be vigilant. Please alert our security or stewarding team if you notice anything you feel uncomfortable with or wish to report. It’s better to be safe and report!