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ICC Belfast Recommends - Coffee Spots Edition

Posted 9th Jun, 2022

Georgia Thornton-Smith Marketing Assistant

ICC Belfast Recommends - Coffee Spots Edition!

The events industry is well known for being a stressful and fast-paced environment with early starts and late finishes so coffee is a must-have for everyone in this industry! Our team has gathered a selection of the best spots for coffee in Belfast – tried and tested opinions!

Not everyone enjoys coffee, and that’s okay, we have some recommendations for a good hot chocolate and fruit cooler for the summer months ahead.

Belfast City Centre is home to plenty of unique coffee places all with their own style and flavour and great choices for a coffee.

A few local favourites from our team included Kaffe-O with a mocha-ball, Established and The Pocket (which has to include an almond croissant) all located in the city centre, perfect for those days when you’re in the office and need a caffeine hit!

Kaffe-O opposite City Hall

Another good place for breakfast is General Merchants they have a brilliant breakfast menu and great tea and coffee!

We are also home to the big chains such as Tim Horton’s, Café Nero, and Starbucks! Café Nero is right on ICC Belfast’s door step and got a shout-out from our team for their coffee and paninis which are a good option for lunch on the go!

If you’re very into healthy eating, the Juice Jar in Belfast City Centre is a brilliant spot for fresh fruit juice and smoothies as well as a caramel iced latte if you’re looking for a cool, refreshing drink but need your caffeine hit!

Juice Jar
Juice Jar also beside City Hall

If you’re not a coffee lover, a perfect place for a wee bun or massive scone and pot of tea is Avoca! A cool drink idea if you don’t drink coffee is Starbucks Hibiscus Tea with Strawberry or Peach Syrup! It’s a lovely, refreshing fruity iced drink for the summer months when the weather’s warm to cool down with a refreshing flavour.

Avoca Cafe
Avoca, Arthur Street

Our tech team have all agreed on the SD Bells Filter Coffee at the Friday Market is their favourite coffee while in the office as it tastes the best to them! We have coffee machines throughout our offices so our team have coffee to hand easily throughout the day at all times when they need it.

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