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The value of Values

Posted 19th Apr, 2019

Catherine Toolan

Catherine Toolan Chief Executive

This week marks an important milestone for our organisation as we officially launch the new Vision, Mission and Values for ICC Belfast | Waterfront Hall | Ulster Hall.

ICC Belfast Chief Executive Catherine Toolan pictured at the launch of our Vision, Mission and Values
If every member of our team places these values at the centre of their role and makes an ongoing effort to put them into practice, I am confident that we will be able to fulfil our vision and mission of doubling the business and growing our profit margins by 2023.

In 2016, Belfast City Council’s decision to set-up an arm’s length company was implemented through the creation of BWUH Ltd, which represents the ICC Belfast | Waterfront Hall | Ulster Hall brands. We have made good progress since then, but we now must be more focused than ever on meeting our individual and team targets in an industry that changes so rapidly and continually becomes more competitive.

If we do this, we’re helping to make Belfast and Northern Ireland a world-leading business tourism and live entertainment hotspot. We’ll also be better able to reinvest in our people, our infrastructure and in new technology.  

Our vision

Our vision is to double our business and grow our profit margins by 2023, through the relentless pursuit of excellence for everyone; our people, our customers that join us for entertainment events, our clients that book four-day international conferences with us, our partners in hospitality, housekeeping and security teams, as well as our stakeholders on our board and in Belfast City Council.

Our mission

We aim to be world class and create an environment in which our people will continue to grow and play their part in building business tourism, live entertainment and events to deliver socially, culturally and economically for Belfast and Northern Ireland. Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Our collective aim

Our collective aim is to showcase the best that Northern Ireland has to offer in people, food and technology; build the brand and reputation of Belfast and Northern Ireland; be the venue of choice for conferences, events and live entertainment customers and deliver economic impact so that everyone in Belfast and Northern Ireland can benefit socially, culturally and economically.

When we win, everyone wins.

None of this can be done by one individual or one department. Every member of our organisation will have a role in achieving this and I have complete confidence that it is entirely possible.

We have not arrived at this point in our journey overnight. An immense amount of consideration and work has been undertaken over the past six months to create a vision and mission for the organisation that is underpinned by eight values that are relatable to every team member in any role.

Members of our Employee Engagement Team pictured at the launch of our Vision, Mission and Values

I am proud to present these values that have been shaped and influenced by our people who are the heart of what we do, and I look forward to our shared success as we work towards achieving our collective aim over the next years.

Our values

Customers First - We always put our customers first

One Team - We own shared goals as one team and support each other’s growth

Environment - We protect our environment and keep ourselves and others safe

Respect - We treat each other with respect at all times

Pride - We work with pride, purpose and urgency

Driven - We are driven by our pursuit to be world class

Structured - We take a structured approach - plan, do, check, act

Unique - We are proud to be unique and original

Read our full Vision, Mission and Values.

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