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8th European Conference on Mental Health

Oct, 2nd 2019

Hall 1

Event Overview

For its eighth year, the European Conference on Mental Health veered into the local spotlight, showcasing its enlightening lessons and collaborative ethos during a three-day event hosted by ICC Belfast.

Attracting a surge of attendees from far and wide across the different facets of the healthcare sector, the conference featured comprehensive discussions on a wide range of topics, such as a multi-cultural approach to mental health, service-user involvement, mental health services, human rights, work development projects, and much more. The scientific programme was broken into five high level keynote speeches, over 110 oral presentations, approximately 50 poster representations, and six interactive workshops, including music workshops and round table discussions. Among the speakers in question – who offered new insights into research and personal development – was Cherie Armour, Professor of Psychological Trauma and Mental Health, at Queen’s University in Belfast.

Year after year, the European Conference on Mental Health continues to stand out for its unique perspective in granting lived experience, social care experience, and healthcare experience equal prominence and platforms for expression.

Evipro (Evidence-based Professionals) Company is an official organiser of European Conference on Mental Health conferences – an organisation experienced in the development of a portfolio of events which include conferences, seminars, and study visits for professionals with the aim of providing forums for the facilitation of learning and discussion opportunities.

Liisa Kallio, conference committee member, offered an insight into the event’s aim of establishing a world in which mental health is a priority which is deemed worthy of investment for the future.

This year, with our theme being recovery, we wanted to have more and more voices of experiences, as well as health professionals, so that we can look for evidence and outcomes together. We want to encourage conversation and reduce stigma around mental health. It’s important to get the message across that recovery is real and trauma can be healed.

                                                       Liisa Kallio, conference committee member

Speaking about the impact of the event, one conference delegate commented, "Personally I think it is an excellent conference. Really well put together, thoughtful, considerate, inspiring. People talk about the ECMH family – cliched but true."

For more information, about the European Conference on Mental Health, visit www.ecmh.eu. For more NI Healthcare news visit nihealthcare.com

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