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Creating a delegate experience for AstraZeneca

Jan, 13th 2020

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We are in the business of creating emotional connections

Given the enormous opportunity to create new value, companies should pursue emotional connections as a science - and a strategy. Harvard Business Review (2016)

At ICC Belfast we are in the business of creating emotional connections and like us, AstraZeneca are too! According to Harvard Business Review driving customer experience is the key to customer satisfaction. It was in our best interest and AstraZeneca's for employees attending the 'A New Perspective' 2020 kick-off event to feel a sense of 'belonging' during their time in Belfast, for them to have 'confidence in the future' and be motivated to 'succeed'. These senses are part of Harvard Business Review's 'emotional motivators' that through live events and a strong social programme AstraZeneca, in partnership with ICC Belfast, was able to enhance emotional connections with their employees. This in turn exponentially increased delegate engagement, innovation and collaboration.

ICC Belfast worked hand in glove with AstraZeneca during the planning of this event to align Harvard Business Review's top 10 high-impact emotional motivators to drive employee engagement and guarantee delegate satisfaction during their 2020 kick-off meeting. According to Verity Ross HR Director UK Marketing Company 

The event has been perfectly planned and perfectly executed...The event in Belfast has been exceptional and the feedback from our employees has been that this is one of our best, if not our best event that we have had at AstraZeneca as a company.

Verity Ross, HR Director UK Marketing Company

A warm welcome to Belfast for AstraZeneca

Across the five-day event, Belfast welcomed almost 600 international delegates who through time spent at our hotels, cafes, restaurants, and shops generated over £1.3 million of economic impact for the city. From arrival at Belfast International Airport and George Best Belfast City Airport, delegates were met with a warm welcome. David Meade had an animated video across the airport digital screens to greet the delegates and our hotel network greeted each and every delegate, with a warm welcome, allowing them to feel a real sense of belonging in the City.  

Delivering a keynote with a difference

With a host of plenary sessions across the venue, which ranged in style, set up and production; every space was like being transported to a different world cultivating a sense of excitement throughout the delegate experience.

With attention to detail and robust planning, keynote presentations were seamlessly delivered and had a huge impact amongst delegates. Communicating key messages with their employees, AstraZeneca instilled a sense of meaning into the everyday lives of their employees, motivating them to succeed in life. 

AstraZeneca give a Helping Hand

AstraZeneca build practices that are sustainable and affordable for the business both now and into the future and their event was no different! Alongside ICC Belfast's event and hospitality teams, they put in place steps and measures to do everything in a sustainable way. From their choice of flights to all of the materials that they were using, they ensured that they were protecting the environment and improving their surroundings every step of the way.

During one session AstraZeneca took part in David Meade's 'helping hands' initiative. An incredible, unique and emotionally fuelled team building activity that they said: 

didn't compare to any other team build activity they have been part of, which was exceptional

Game of Thrones Gala dinner gives delegates a thrill

The pinnacle of the event was when the delegates arrived at the Game of Thrones-themed gala dinner. It was the most instagrammable moment of 2020 as the delegates made their way through the hedged entry to see the National Ulster Museums thatched dragons, the Stark family's famous dire wolves and the notorious throne. The delegates were transported into a medieval world that oozed energy and provided the ultimate sense of thrill. 

On behalf of the team at ICC Belfast, we would like to thank AstraZeneca for partnering with us in 2020; from ideation to delivery ensuring that their delegate experience was fuelled by emotion from touchdown to departure! 

Credit: Harvard Business Review 2015; Scott MagidsAlan ZorfasDaniel Leemon.

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