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COVID-19 Industry Insights

Reflect. Recognise. Reboot.

Courageous leadership when it matters most

In the face of a global pandemic businesses of all sizes have found themselves in 'fight or flight' mode; navigating the challenges brought on by a huge surge in demand or worse still - zero demand. Although panic and fear have been widespread, there are business leaders among us who have redressed their current business model and pivoted to adapt their approach in order to tackle issues head on, delivering solutions for key workers fighting on the front line.

Our is aim to be world class and create an environment in which we remain connected to our people and in which they and their families along with our communities are safe. When the time comes, we will be galvanised to play our part in kickstarting business again across Belfast and Northern Ireland. We do this to benefit everyone – socially, culturally and economically.

To this end, we want to learn more about how businesses of all sizes have engaged employees, demonstrated inspirational leadership and developed innovative approaches through collaboration during this exceptional time.

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