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Top 5 tips to running a successful event

Posted 26th Oct, 2017

Organising events is a very rewarding thing, however it can also be stressful as you are working to deadlines and coordinating various different components that make a successful event. We have listed our five top tips for organising an event.

Belfast City Hall

1. Why are you holding your event?

This may seem an obvious question but the reason for holding the event whether it is to generate profit or publicity, or deliver an education programme, is critical in deciding how your event will be organised.

Without knowing the purpose of the event, it’s difficult for the host venue or other suppliers to best tailor the event to your needs and in turn create a unique experience for your delegates/guests.

Remember always keep your target audience at the forefront of everything you do.

2. Expect the unexpected

No matter how much planning goes into an event, you can always expect the unexpected on the day. Running through various scenarios is a great way to minimise the impact of these occurrences. Also knowing that the host venue team is flexible will give you invaluable peace of mind, reassurance and confidence.

3. Seek expert advice

Seek expert advice where you can, especially from suppliers who like to push boundaries, think outside the box and can offer a highly creative solution. For example, spend time discussing your requirements with the technical team and the logistics planner at your host venue – this will pay in the long run with an efficient and successful event.

And don't forget to take full advantage of the latest technology that is available to you. For example, at ICC Belfast you can take a virtual tour of the venue in the comfort of your own office by viewing our 3D floor plans or taking a 360 tour of our venue.

4. Spread the load

Event management is a giant juggling act and can be incredibly stressful. To make the whole process easy, seamless and stress free for you get as much reliable assistance as you can. Having a vision for your event is great, but it’s how you deliver these ideas that will result in a successful event.

5. Enjoy it

And last but not least… enjoy it! Organising events is hugely rewarding and often one successful event will lead to many more.

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