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Vision, Mission and Values

Belfast City Illustration including ICC Belfast


Create a world-class stage where people make great things happen.


Through the energy, expertise and constant innovation of our people we play a vital role in setting the standards for business tourism, live entertainment and events that deliver socially, culturally and economically for Belfast and Northern Ireland. When we win, everyone wins today, tomorrow and beyond.

Our Collective Aim

  • Drive economic impact and showcase the best that Northern Ireland has to offer in people, food and innovation.
  • Build the brand and reputation of Belfast and Northern Ireland through conferences, events and live entertainment.
  • In collaboration with stakeholders, consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Be the preferred venue for conferences, events and live entertainment creating unforgettable ‘I was there when’ moments.
When We Win, Everyone Wins
ICC Belfast Values


  • Customers First - We always put our customers first
  • One Team - We own shared goals as one team and support each other’s growth
  • Environment - We protect our environment and keep ourselves and others safe
  • Respect - We treat each other with respect at all times
  • Pride - We work with pride, purpose and urgency
  • Driven - We are driven by our pursuit to be world class
  • Structured - We take a structured approach - plan, do, check, act
  • Unique - We are proud to be unique and original