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STATSports product launch live from ICC Belfast Hybrid Studio

Aug, 4th 2020

Hybrid Studio

Event Overview

ICC Belfast partnered with elite sports tracking provider, STATSports, to deliver an emotionally fuelled hybrid event to launch their new suite of products. 

The need to meet, network, collaborate and create hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s greater than ever. That’s why we’ve designed a purpose-built Hybrid Studio for our clients to host events via a fully customisable space and highly engaging platform. Capturing and retaining the attention of your audience in a world where information overload and virtual fatigue is rife can be tricky. At ICC Belfast, it’s our goal to help you create those all important emotional connections.

Since the launch of ICC Belfast's all new Hybrid Studio, it has played host keynote presentations, panel discussions and employee engagement events. STATSports' recent product launch is yet another example of the endless possibilities boasted by this space. 

STATSports provides performance analysis data to some of the biggest sporting organisations in the world, across Football, Rugby, Cricket and American Football. ICC Belfast were proud to partner on the delivery of a professional, virtual production that oozed energy and stamina to launch their all new Sonra 3.0 suite of products to take the sporting industry by storm. 

Our event management team worked closely with the amazing team at STATSports to implement the ICC Belfast methodologies for connecting and engaging with delegates. 

Research indicates that creating an emotional connection matters more than satisfaction.  Moving highly satisfied individuals to fully connected can have three times the return of moving them from dissatisfied to highly satisfied.

Our aim for STATSports was to take the ‘Top 10 High Impact Motivators’ identified and discussed in the Harvard Business Review and weave them into this hybrid product launch to make delegates feel something extraordinary. With STATSports, the opportunity to truly showcase their innovative and cutting-edge software allowed ICC Belfast to set the stage for every virtual attendee to 'feel a sense of thrill', a 'sense of belonging' during these unprecedented times, and most importantly, instil a sense of ambition to 'succeed in life' and improve player performance through this industry disruptors’ new suite of products, Sonra 3.0.

We helped STATSports harness these emotional connections and sensory motivators to deliver maximum impact from the launch.  Through our LED stage lighting, PA system, 4K broadcast camera and radio microphones, an immersive and exciting atmosphere was built. Live in the Hybrid Studio, the sound vibrations and crisp lighting gave the event a heartbeat that was almost tangible. Delegates tuning in from across the globe virtually experienced; the production elements combined to create a sense of thrill reminiscent of scoring the winning point for their team or achieving a new personal best.

The Sonra 3.0 launch was a ground breaking success. Thousands of sports practitioners from over 90 countries worldwide watched the live broadcast and within minutes of launching, details of the latest, must-have software in elite sports had hit the press. STATSports' investment in technical production elevated this event, adding professionalism to the launch in a way that communicated their key messages seamlessly to the target audience. The highlights of the broadcast have been seen over 45,000 times through the company's social channels in the first 72 hours, generating multiple sales leads for the business.

The LED wall is a particular reason we came here. It provides the maximum impact we want to achieve from our messaging and the team supported above and beyond our expectations.

Ian Forrester, Head of Marketing, STATSports

At a Glance

LED Wall 7.5m x 4m 1
4K Studio broadcast cameras 3
Live vision mixing
LED stage lighting
PA system
Radio Microphones 6
Comfort Monitor 2
Autocue 1

Room Setup

Studio Theatre 360 capacity (plus unlimited virtual delegates)

Icc tech team and led screen 71

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