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ICC Belfast Hospitality

We are proud to be local

Our Ethos

Seasonal, Fresh & Sustainable

An important part of our ethos is to deliver exceptional dishes inspired by the best fresh local produce. Creating fresh seasonal food may sound simplistic but for us is the only way to deliver firstly what our customers aspire to and fulfil our own objectives of ‘Real’ sustainable fabulous food!

Cooking in our own kitchen from scratch completely negates the need for heavily processed chemically enhanced food designed by accountants. This approach has benefits across the entire business and the people in it. It gives ownership to the head chef and their kitchen team.

ICC Food 2029
ICC Food 1906
Nothing stands still in event catering

Bespoke Food Experiences

We believe if we stay true to our core value of real flavoursome food that we make, being creative and following current food trends is not only easily achieved but also an integral part of who we are at ICC Belfast Hospitality.

Below you will find various sample dishes and ideas that we have delivered before, but please do not feel bound by convention! Nothing makes us happier than getting the juices flowing with the best ingredients that Northern Ireland has to offer and creating something new.

Get your day off to a great start with our famous Buttermilk Baps

Sweet treats or something fresh and fruity

Soup and Sandwiches or some great Deli Bags to grab and go!

Adding savoury items to our homemade finger sandwiches

Perfect for lunches or informal evening receptions

Some substantial signature favourites with fresh seasonal salads

For that additional wow prior to your Gala dinner or just post meeting networking

Bespoke dishes that has been tailored to your taste

ICC Food 2107
ICC Food 2304
Northern Ireland’s Artisan Producers

Our Local Food Heroes

We encourage our team to build relationships directly with their suppliers, farmers and growers we actively organise and encourage site visits and meetups with our suppliers. Creating an environment of transparency and drive for excellence. Developing this skill set in-house also provides real security in terms of supply, consistency and delivery.

We like to call them our Local Food Heroes for their commitment to quality and local produce.


Over 100 years of family business and great coffee. We are very proud to have developed a bespoke coffee blend with the team at Johnsons for use at the ICC Belfast.

Draynes Farm 

One of Northern Ireland’s best suppliers for fresh farm milk and ice creams. Rest assured that every drop of their milk is from a cow they know, that receives the best care and quality feed.

Carnbrooke Meat & Poultry 

With their team of Master Butchers they source their meats from small farmers and cut every order to specifications. Whether it’s the best Northern Irish Beef, Mourne Lamb or local chicken – know that only the best quality will make the cut!

Ewing’s Seafoods 

Northern Ireland has some of the finest fish and seafood in the world, and no one provides better quality than Ewing’s, whose smoked fish is rated one of the best in Ireland.

Yellow Door

As true artisan bakers Yellow Door produce all of our own breads from top quality untreated, unbleached flour, natural fats and oils, free range eggs, Irish milk and buttermilk. They do not believe in using chemical yeast enhancers, chemicals or preservatives. Proper bread. Their team of skilled pastry chefs prepare mouth-watering desserts every day using only Irish butter, cream and unbleached flour, truly gorgeous and irresistible desserts.

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