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ICC Belfast Support Holiday Hospitality Academy

Posted 18th Apr, 2019

Stephanie Geddis

Stephanie Geddis Digital Executive

ICC Belfast is pleased to be participating in the Holiday Hospitality Academy in conjunction with Belfast City Council, providing school children with practical experience and insight to a tourism and hospitality business.

Belfast City Council, with the support of The Springboard charity, is launching the ‘Holiday Hospitality Academy’ - Developing links with schools and the Hospitality and Tourism sectors, through a dynamic interactive programme of activity for young people during school holidays.

This initiative offers valuable work experiences to young people during their time away from school.

The programme will bring together young people (14 to 16-years old) from all across Belfast, to take part in an interactive experience designed to demonstrate the diverse range of careers within these rapidly expanding industries.

ICC Belfast will be in attendance for the first of these academies that is due to take place in Belfast on Good Friday, 19th April 2019.

Engaging with industry partners and students will help to create lasting and meaningful links. These interactions can never be underestimated. The anticipated outcome is, sustained further engagement through, quality work experience, career opportunities and modern apprenticeships.

Participants will be given the opportunity to experience, first hand, what it is to work in the world of Hospitality and Tourism through a series of interactive workshops, visits and work placements.

The overall aim is for the young people to be able to make an informed choice about their future careers as well as equipping them with essential work experience.

The importance of this initiative to the Hospitality and Tourism sector is clearly demonstrated by the extent of business involvement. Over 20 well known businesses have readily agreed to participate and it is expected that involvement will grow as the programme becomes established (a summer academy is already in the planning stage).

Supporting the programme are: AC Hotel, Andras House Ltd, Belfast Cathedral, Belfast Cookery School, Established Coffee, Grand Central Hotel, House Belfast, Institute of Hospitality NI, ICC Belfast, National Football Stadium, Recruitment Solutions NI, Titanic Belfast, Titanic Hotel, The SSE, Ulster Reform Club.

ICC Belfast is proud to support the 'Holiday Hospitality Academy'. Strengthening the link between the pupils of Northern Ireland and the tourism sector is so important to us as Northern Ireland's business tourism convention centre. We encourage the young people to gain the experience and skills they need to achieve their fullest potential in the growing local tourism and hospitality sector. Clare McCann, ICC Belfast HR Facilitator

Michele McCreary, NI Manager for Springboard says, "This is an amazing opportunity for young people in Belfast to learn about the many exciting roles that exist in the hospitality and tourism industries. School timetables are very full, and so this progamme places ownership on people working in the sectors to help inform and develop young people during holiday breaks."

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