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Hybrid Studio

Online Event Solution

Reach out to your audience

With the way meetings and events are changing, reaching your audience and workforce at home is now standard in this changing world. ​

With many venues currently out of reach, this doesn't mean all of your meetings and events have to be via your laptop webcam. Delegates and employees still need to find a way to interact and feel part of a professional event. ​

Our Hybrid Studio allows you and your speakers to host your event virtually but without losing that professional look. ​

Events can be live, pre-recorded, in person or fully online. ​


Reflect your brand

Our studio allows you to have your event, your way. With multiple set up solutions from high stools, comfy sofas to a more formal lectern and top table, you can deliver your message in the environment you are most comfortable in. ​

We can also adapt the space to reflect your brand, with custom graphic sets, green-screen effects and LED wall backdrops. 


Produced In-House

Our studio is fully equipped with the latest technology, including:​

  • LED Stage Lighting​
  • Full PA system​
  • Radio Microphones​
  • 4K Broadcast Camera​
  • Vision Mixing and Green Screen effects​
  • Ultra-fast Internet ​
  • Onsite AV and Streaming support​

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